Just a Heads Up!

The page is currently under construction! The meeting times located to your right are CORRECT! Sorry for any inconvenience! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]! [...]

Welcome to 2013!

Hello fellow dancers and followers! The BSBDL Executive Board is so glad to have all of you with us in the new year.  First things first, check the right side of the page for updated times for studio and group lessons.  These days/time/rooms are correct! We are so sorry for the inconvenience last week.  There [...]

Minutes for 17 September 2012 Exec Board Meeting

Major talking points:
- Godiva sessions
- Flash mob
- Fiesta on the Green
- PR meetings
- Dance for Peace co-sponsorship
- Involvement with the Academy
- Late Nite co-sponsorship [...]

Practice Times

NOTICE: This post will change often and without notice! Please check back if you are ever uncertain about our schedule. Spring 2013 Studio Hours Thursday Saturday Sunday Time 7-9pm 2:30-6:30pm 12-4pm Location SRWC 200B SRWC 212A SRWC 212A [...]


Hello to all once again! And here starts our weekly(ish) posts of things regarding BSBDL. As some of you know, the exec board has promised to release minutes of each exec meeting so the general public is aware of what is going on. You will find those below. A few important updates: this week, as [...]